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How to use DarkMarket?


Step 1: Robot Check/User Validation

Upon Landing on the website, you will be presented with our filtering system, this is a very basic captcha which allows us to filter out automated requests and allow us to prevent abuse of our systems. Each time you load up our website using a new client you will be required to complete this challenge, you will be asked to select images that correlate with the statement displayed above, then select the "Check" Button to confirm your selection.

Upon completion you will be greeted with our sign in page, please proceed to press the Sign Up button located on the upper right hand side of our navigation bar.



2. Registration

You have now made it to the registration screen, this is where you can proceed to create your account. When registering it is good practice to never re-use a password from another market or the clearweb. You should be getting used to using a unique password for every site you register on and never distribute your password with anyone. Once you have filled in your desired username and password, along with completing the number based captcha system, press "Sign Up " to continue

You will now be presented with a new page containing your mnemonic, this is a 24-word string that will only be displayed to you once. Please ensure to keep this safe as you will need it should you ever lose your password; without this you will not be able to recover your account. Once noted down you can proceed to press "Proceed To Sign In "




3. Login

You will now be able to login to the site using your registered Username and Password created in the previous steps, please make sure to complete the image captcha and press the “Sign In” button. Upon signing in you will be directed to the market’s homepage.



4. Looking for a product.

You have now made it to the market, there is a very simple to use search function. There is filtration between digital and physical products, along with price filtering and location filtering.

Item Type Filter - This is used to filter between physical items and digital items, by default its set to "All".

Search - This is a keyword based search tool allowing you to quickly get through products, an example search being "Weed"

Min Price/Max Price - This allows you to filter by your price range.

Shipping From - This allows users to view products beings shipped from certain countries.

Shipping To - This allows users to filter through products shipping to certain countries.

Sort By - By default this is set to newest, however you can filter listings by "Price: High To Low", "Price: Low to High", "Most Experience Points", "Trusted Vendor", "5 Star Product", "5 Star Communication" and "5 Star Shipping".



5. How to make a purchase.

Once you have found a product you wish to purchase, click on the "Buy Now" button or the listing title to be taken to the individual listing page. Here you can view the feedback and details of the product.

Once you have decided if you want the item , fill in the different shipment options along with the quantity, crypto currecy you wish to pay with and the type of escrow, then press the "Add" button to proceed to add it to your cart.

You should now have a illuminated cart icon, proceed to click it to be redirected to your cart.

You will now need to take the vendors PGP Key, in order to encrypt your address for shipment. On your cart page proceed to click the vendors name to be taken to to their profile. Proceed to scroll down the page till you get to the PGP Key section.

You should now save the key that was displayed on the vendors profile and import it into your PGP Client that you have already setup. Once you have imported the vendors PGP key you will need to put in your delivery address and if you wish to leave the vendor any notes put it in aswell. You will want to encrypt your message with the vendors public key, you will be given an encrypted message that you can now place into the "Address" field on the cart page. Please do make sure when encrypting your message you uncheck the "Encrypt for Me" checkbox. Once the encrypted message has been put into the form press the "Next button", this will update your cart and allow the checkout button to appear on refresh.

Once you press purchase you will be taken to your profile page that contains your purchases where you can see the transaction details. You will now need to view the order details in order to get the vendors payment address and continue with your transaction.

Proceed to press the view button under the "Order" catagory to be taken to a more detailed page.

Here you will now be able to proceed to send the bitcoin to the payment address, please ensure you sent the exact BTC amount to the address listed in the "Address" box.


Adding your PGP Key To Profile(OPTIONAL)

Adding your PGP Key to the market is optional but is recommend as it will allow vendors to contact you through an encrypted message should they need to. On your preferred PGP tool proceed to generate your private key and password, keep these safe we will only be needing your public key (Never share your private key). On your navigation bar hover over your username and press the settings drop down.

Proceed to play your Public PGP Key into this field and press "Add PGP", this will then redirect you to a verification page where you will have to decrypt a test message in your PGP tool, you will find a onetime usage key.

Once you have pasted in the one time use verification code, press "Validate PGP" and you will then be taken to your profile if your code was correct. Congratulations you have added your PGP key to the market for vendors to use should they need to message you with sensitive information.




We are in no way affiliated with Dark Market, this guide was made for research purposes only and we are not responsible for your actions, you can check Onion Url for the most up-to-date URLs and check the most up-to-date Dark Web News

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